Around my apartment, especially in the morning, it tends to be the usual state of affairs that I have no idea what time it is. My bedside alarm clock can be anywhere from 15 to 70 minutes fast, my brain is never awake enough to read my analog wristwatch, and the only other clock that’s readily available, my stereo, usually says “FM 93.50″ instead of a time.

This morning, though, things are especially bad. As a matter of fact I still don’t know what time it is, even after comparing all the various time pieces at my disposal and trying to find out some average. It’s my cell phone that’s really causing the trouble. When I came to my computer, I noticed that it had automatically switched to Daylight Savings time. It is, after all, the last Sunday in October. However my cell phone, which gets the time directly from the Telus network and not from its own internal clock, has not changed. Whenever I go back to New Brunswick, it always detects the time change automatically. So you’d think that it would do the same for Daylight savings.

So the question is, do the Telus people know something I don’t? I know the US voted to extend this whole time change business until November sometime, that Ontario is going along with it, and that Quebec was leaning the same way. But I also thought I knew that this wasn’t going to take effect for another couple of years. Maybe I’m wrong on that. But regardless, I haven’t heard anything in the news that Quebec is definitely going to go along with it. Nor have I, come to think of it, seen anything reminding us all to change the clocks.

I’m completely lost. Until my computer and my cell phone agree on what time it is (and I’ll leave it up to them) I’ll never know what time it is. At least I’m still able to dress and feed myself.

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