It stopped snowing. I think it actually stopped snowing about 5 minutes after I posted that last post. It’s also possible that it wasn’t really snow at all, but more like hail. And none of it stuck to the ground anyway. Oh well.

Am I the only person who doesn’t keep track of assignment numbers? My profs and other students refer to them like “is like that question on assignment 4?”. Who’s a what now? I can’t keep track of six different numbers for six different courses. All I know is that I have assignments, and whenever a prof mentions one I assume that that’s the one that’s due next. Well, ok, I remember the number biomedical ethics but only because there are only two papers to pass in, plus the final. But even in COMP, with a grand total of 6 assignments, I don’t remember if we’re on 3 or 4 yet… maybe it’s even 5…

Well the point of all this is that my Quantum prof said that we don’t have to hand in the assignments anymore, but that he’ll still post them just so we’ll be able to practice. Fine by me. We were given 100% just for passing the darn things in anyway. But I realised that I didn’t catch whether this policy was effective immediately or if the assignment that I assumed would be due this Friday (as they are always due on Friday) would still be collected. So I email him to ask, and he writes back to tell me that Assignment 8 is the last one to be handed in.

Well, I said that whenever a prof mentions an assignment number, my brain automatically translates it into the one due next… So when he said “assignment 8″, I figured that meant the one due this week. But then I go to download the thing, and I see it’s number 9… so I guess that’s one less thing I have due tomorrow!

Although, I wanted to go back to make sure that he actually did say 8 and not 9. I had deleted the email already, but McGill Webmail doesn’t actually delete anything, it just hides them. However earlier this evening I went through and purged all the deleted emails… not on purpose mind you. I even remember exclaiming “shit!” when I accidentally clicked “purge deleted” instead of “hide deleted”. Webmail gives no second chances. So now I’ll never be certain about whether this thing is due tomorrow or not… well, at least not until tomorrow…

By the way, I blame Audrey, since it was her email I was looking for that needed me to show the deleted emails, and thus accidentally purge them all instead of hiding them again.

Or I suppose I could also blame Shainazzle, since it was her email address I was looking for in the “to:” field of Audrey’s email…

Ah well. When it doubt, it’s Albe’s fault.

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  1. Audrey says:

    haha!!! Shainazle!!!

  2. david says:

    use outlook express. it works wonders.

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