2:25 Get home from Global Warming and have angry encounter with the neighbour.

2:30 Write blog about said encounter.

2:33 Putter around, eat peanut butter and banana hotdog, get ready for bed.

2:46 Go to bed, vowing to get up by 9 to work.

10:03 Wake up, figure should get out of bed soon.

10:42 Get out of bed, stumble over to computer because I don’t feel like showering yet

11:20 Finish checking all email accounts, blogs, comics, etc, that I usually check. Take shower.

11:39 Start watching Gilmore Girls over my bowl of maple frosted mini wheats

12:19 Finished eating mini wheats, but Gilmore Girls isn’t over. Figure should do work and finish watching it over lunch. Make toast instead. Resolve to go to the gym at 1:00.

13:10 Been watching old videos from the Rick Mercer Report. No sign of stopping anytime soon. Gym postponed to 2:00.

14:15 Start packing my bag. Still watching Rick Mercer videos and movie trailers.

14:49 Make my way to the gym. Workout music of choice: ABBA Techno Remix.

15:01 Wonder to self, “Who’s bright idea was it to put a wall of mirrors in front of the treadmills? Nobody wants to see that.”

15:20 Switch to “Mahna Mahna” by The Muppets, run at much slower pace.

16:10 Surprise side effect of the gym: Have credit cards and $20 stolen from wallet while in shower.

16:18 Back home. Realised out of milk. Should work. Check facebook instead.

16:24 Look on McGill Classifieds for stuff. Inevitably leads to wandering around eBay and various other online stores.

17:45 Still not working. Going for groceries instead.

18:03 Was actually reading old entries in Rick Mercer’s blog. Now go for groceries.

18:32 Return from Groceries. Got best romaine lettuce ever. Report stolen credit cards (having just realised, when trying to pay for groceries, that they were missing).

19:02 Call Audrey to talk about stolen credit cards.

19:27 Eat cinnamon bun for dinner. Blame stolen credit cards.

19:34 Watched a bit of Trading Spouses. Died a little inside.

20:16 Ok, watched a whole episode of Trading Spouses. If had soul (glares at Shelagh) it would be crying.

20:56 Made spaghetti and cesear salad. Real bacon bits. Very proud.

21:15 Musical Interlude: “Three little maids from school are we/Pert as a school girl well can be/Filled to the brim with girlish glee/Three little maids from school!”

21:38 Read everything there is to read on CBC News.

22:10 Read everything there is to read on Canadian politics on wikipedia.

22:16 Read everything there is to read on my website statistics.

22:31 Calculated current class average. I’m above it. But not fantastically so.

23:10 Listened to various music, talked on MSN.

23:12 Chose essay topic for Biomedical Ethics. Looked at readings required. Looked away.

23:17 Realised accidentally bought organic bananas. Same banana, higher price, more insect bites.

23:24 “Will a Doozer do the things like dodging Doozer Do’s that Doozers never do?”

23:52 More MSN chatting, promising to self only two more minutes then do dishes.

00:01 Took out garbage

00:24 Finished dishes

00:29 Ate peanut butter and banana hotdog.

00:37 Rick Mercer again: “I always though that believing in the NDP was like believing in fairies or goblins.” and “When it comes to his style of governing Paul Martin is bit like a kitten chasing a string. Half the fun is watching the poor creature stumble around and slam into things with wild abandon.”

00:45 Get ready for bed

00:59 Good night :)

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