This is really annoying.

I did pretty well on my Partial Differential Equations midterm. Much better than I had predicted in a previous post. Unfortunatelly, on one of the questions, one of the big questions, I managed to screw up entirely. And it wasn’t because I didn’t know what I was doing. I very clearly had the correct concept in my mind, but I just continued writing some gibberish that didn’t make sense. It didn’t dawn on me until 1 AM that night, though, so it was enshrined forever in the unerasable pencil of midterm history.

The really annoying part, though, is that since it was such a big question I lost 6 points. And because of those 6 points, I got a 76% instead of a 96%. Oh man, a 96 would have been so sweet. That’s 20% of the whole thing lost, for something I knew how to do correctly. I just neglected to do it correctly at the time of the exam. Crud.

Now I’m stuck on my thermal physics assignment… I’ve finished three out of four questions without any problem (again, I could have had them finished by 7, but procrastination wouldn’t allow that!) but the one last problem starts with “Formulate a proof…”

It doesn’t look good.

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