It’s a few days late, but I feel I should say that I really like Remembrance Day. Not that I look forward to it and throw a party or anything, I just think it’s one of the best occasions, full of thought and meaning and all that. I wish it were a national holiday – well, not “holiday”, that’s far too cheery… but a day off, with everyplace closed (no Remembrance Day sales, for the love of God!) – so that I’d be able to go to the actual ceremonies. I don’t have any family connections to the wars (at least none that I’m particularly aware of… I’m sure there’s some history there) but hearing the Last Post still stirs me, the same way that moment of silence does, and the 21 gun salute, and seeing poppies on people’s lapels. I wonder if many of those people actually think of all the dead when they see and hear those things. I know I do. Maybe it’s because of the serious occasions that I was a part of, singing In Flanders Fields or even playing The Last Post myself, even if I was never any good at it.

Anyway, all of this thinking prompted me to actually go look for a choral recording of In Flanders Fields. I found this one… for anybody who knows what I’m talking about, is this the one that Mr. Langford composed?

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