Well fuck.

I admit it’s fairly late, but I just got home. Literally 30 seconds after I get in the door, I’m in the bathroom (mid stream no less) and I hear BANG BANG BANG on my door.

“Wtf?” I think to myself.

Three seconds after the first string, BANG BANG BANG. I rush to the door, and finally I open it. Outside there’s an angry looking man of indeterminate race.

“Sir, you know what time it is?”

I’m a little stunned but manage to mumble something like “closnmb threa?”.

“Is three a.m.” he nearly yelled. “People is sleeping!”

At this I notice that (1) he’s yelling at me for walking up the stairs too loudly (I was not talking to anybody, not running, not humming, not being loud in any way that I know of) and (2) that he appears to sleep fully dressed, complete with belt and shirt tucked it. It wasn’t until later I noticed that (3) it’s was only 2:30.

I tried mumble a defense along these lines (1 more than 2) but he was already storming back into his unit across the hall.

So I’d just like to say sorry. Sorry for walking too loudly and jingling my keys too much. I’m sorry also for not padding my doorframe with cotton before departing for the night lest the closing of my door and the turning of the deadbolt be so loud as to cause you to jump out of bed straight into your clothes. Sooo sorry.

Now I’m all angry and can’t sleep. Fudgenugget.

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