I was walking back from the student phonathon tonight, and I witnessed a horrifying thing. As I was passing in front of the Arts building, I happened to glance to my right towards the Roddick Gates and there, glaring right at me, was a freakin Christmas Tree! Place Ville Marie sure is jumping on that bandwagon pretty early. Well, I know that the dollar stores and Zellers have had their decorations out even before Halloween was done with, but this is it. At least McGill hasn’t lit up the trees along lower campus yet, but they’re notoriously slow tonight…

PS. I almost called a celebrity tonight at work, but I can’t say any more than that (confidentiality and all that jazz). The number was out of service anyway, but it would have been cool.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    lol. I work in a giant office supply store … our Christmas stationary was delivered in SEPTEMBER!!! It disturbed me greatly. Proof that the world has gone mad?

    love anita

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