I have a PDE assignment due tomorrow… so of course I’m reading up on Harry Potter. I came across a great site that took all the inklings (and wishful thoughts) I had been having about the conclusion to the sixth book in the series and put them in a much more comprehensive form. If you’ve read the book, check it out… but if you don’t want the ended soiled, don’t go… in fact, don’t even look at the URL since that will ruin the end too. And now that I said that I know you’re going to look, aren’t you? Well fine. You just went and ruined it for yourself.

Anyway, the link is here.

Does anybody want to go see the movie on opening night with me!?

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  1. david says:

    did you end up going to watch the harry potter opening night? i hope you get msgs about comments cause then you can mention this to me later on without me having to remember what i commented on…

    i went on opening night and it was not only PACKED, there were a TON of mcgill people lol

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