I had an interesting conversation with a bunch of people today… two interesting conversations with two bunches of people actually! I didn’t come out from either one with a clear head, but I rarely do in these philosophical/sociological discussions.

Why might it be wrong for two deaf lesbians to choose to have a deaf child? It may sound weird, but there’s a lot of depth there… All sorts of genetic manipulation fun. The one thing that I did conclude to myself was that there’s nothing different between conventional medicine and gene therapy (of any kind). Of course you have to keep in mind that there are good and bad drugs, and that with our current understanding of genetics messing around with an embyo’s genome to cure a genetic disorder is probably the same as me wandering into Otto Maass and drinking something that looks like it might be cough syrup to cure my cold.

Anyway, I find myself facing an entirely new problem right now. I really want to put up all galleries that have been patiently waiting on my hard drive, but I (ironically) don’t want to sit at my computer. It’s actually doubly ironic, since when I have to do homework (which is always by pencil and paper) I find myself drawn to the computer… now I don’t want to be here typing away, even though I actually genuinly want to get these galleries done. I’ve been looking forward to it in fact! Maybe I’ll go play on the piano instead…

I think my procrastination problem goes a lot deeper than not wanting to do my homework :S

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