I’d just like to go on record to say that smoking is disgusting. Even when I’m walking down the street in Montreal and get stuck behind someone cancering up their lungs, I have this intense urge to grab the cigarette out of their hands, through it again, and tell them off for killing themselves.

Anyway, it was because I read this article from CBC about some anti-smoking campaigns trying to make it illegal to smoke outdoors that brought this on. My favourite part was right at the end:

The lobbyists’ activities are so intense that Palda questions why they don’t seek to outlaw smoking altogether. Some smokers lighting up on a sidewalk outside a hospital in Halifax asked the same question.

You know what, sarcastic as they might have been, that’s a good question. Why don’t they? I certaintly think they should. It’s a brilliant idea (in fact I distinctly remember telling a telephone survey person that that’s exactly what I thought they should do), and I’ll throw some donations their way if they ever want to give it a shot, no question.

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