Well I just came from a deliciously dull shift at the phonathon. We were so busy it was unbelievable (sarcasm alert!). I mean, there were like, a whole two of us on the phones. Mostly just me though. Ho man what fun. But my water bottle from yesterday was still there, so that was something. Although I promptly forgot it in the library, after my copy card ran out of funds and the change machine didn’t work. There was no way I was putting $20 towards photocopying! Library photocopiers are a rip off to begin with. I thought I’d be really clever and come to Burnside to print things for four cents a page instead of forking over the seven cents to the library, but now here I am in the bozone and my computer seems to have forgotten that there’s a big fully functional printer attached to it. So alas I won’t get any of my ethics papers printer. Oh well, back to thermodynamics!

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