There are times, particularly in the wee hours of the morning, when I finish my assignment and I can’t help but wondering if my prof would really mind that much if I passed the problems in with Foxtrot cartoons on the back. I always use scrap paper for working out the questions, you see, and while one side is always clear of anything else, the backside tends to have things like… well, right now my thermal assignment is written on the back of, in addition to the Foxtrot cartoon, a page of sheet music for “It Is You (I Have Loved)”, a printout of some computer programming, a page from my biomedical ethics paper draft, and old chemistry notes. Judging from the condition some of other folks in my class leave their assignments in, the marker probably wouldn’t mind that much. If anything they could entertain themselves by having a bit of a sing-along when they get bored of looking at the same proof 25 times.

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