So as of yesterday I escaped the horrific snow banks of downtown Montreal and rode the train 20 odd hours to get to my own little Saint John, and their horrific damp brown lawns. Turns out I really liked the snow. Anyway, the whole trip I kept thinking about things that I thought I could write about, which is good for flexing the writing muscle and all, but my laptop’s battery now calls it quits after just 53 minutes. So there wasn’t much I could do. Maybe I should add a blackberry to my list of various electronics I want for no valid reason…

Speaking of excessive blogging, though, I’ve been noticing that the election coverage on TV mentions blogs an entirely unhealthy amount. And every time they do, I think “I wonder how much my writing has to improve before they mention my blog.” Well, CBC has a blog about blogs, and it was there that I read about the NDP TV ads mentioned in my last post. The exciting part is that in that very same post, they quote me! The part where I say Stephen Harper gives me the willies, no less.

Maybe that explains the mysterious spike of traffic December 8th, when I got ten times more page loads than usual. Come to think of it, that was the same day I posted hundreds of new photos in my galleries, so that could have been it too… either way it seems not enough people read CBC’s blog on blogs to boost my site up to 100,000 hits a day. Oh well.

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  1. Audrey says:

    Greg you’re FAMOUS!

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