I watched lots of children’s programing this afternoon. It was fun.

During Mr. Rogers’ Neighbourhood, I learned all about giving and receiving. Even about giving apologies. (King Friday had said that using a Finding Balloon to find Lady Elaine Fairchilde was stupid, but then it floated right over to the Museum-go-round, where they found her in the L room. She had been locked in, you see. But luckily they found a key in the K room and let her out.) I also learned that there are daddies all around the world, and that daddies have daddies too.

Quote of the day: “Assembled throng, I presume?” – King Friday XIII

Then I watched Reading Rainbow. Geordi LaForge (a.k.a. LeVar Burton) read a book about some freaky brush that was alive, and then told us all sorts of ways to make things come alive. Imagination, machines, animation, puppets, the occult…

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