You gotta love the Boxing Day sales, even when you have to wait in a line going around the block in freezing storm winds to get a cheap deal on bubble gum at Future Shop. Except for me the deal was $150 off a sweet 7.2 megapixel camera. True, I don’t believe in megapixels, and I’ve set the thing to shoot at 3 megapixels anyway, but it was fun.

The coolest part, though, was that now my mostly broken dinosaur camera had nothing left to live for, and my brother and I got to “repair” it.

Actually, by unscrewing lots of things we shouldn’t have unscrewed and pulling at lots of things we shouldn’t have been pulling at, we managed to increase its reliability from, randomly guessing at numbers, 20 to about 60 percent. Or maybe it was just in a good mood from getting so much attention. Well, it belongs to my mom now. She can take a picture of anything that’s willing to sit around and wait for 5 or 6 tries.

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