Here I was thinking, for months on end, that I had learned a new word from Fraggle Rock. In fact I had added it to my mental list of reasons why Fraggle Rock is such a good show; They used words like “belubious” even though they knew kids watching wouldn’t know what it was, and just trusted that they’d get it from the context. But today I had to go and watch some special features, and I find out that “belubious” is, in fact, entirely made up.

I still think it’s a good word and fully intend to use it next time I have need to reference the tuft of hair at the end of an animal’s tail, much like I believe that we should all be using “shoeburyness” and the whole series of “corriearklet”, “corriecravie”, “corriedoo”, “corriemoillie”, “corrivorrie”, and, especialy, “corriemuchloch” (see this dictionary for details, or just google the lot at once to get the details for free). Perhaps next time I see a poodle I can say to her “my, that’s a lovely belubious you have”. Maybe I should have been tipped off by the fact that currently the one single reference to the word on the entire internet (according to Google) is on a Fraggle Rock website…

Note: It might actually be spelt “beluvious”. There are about 60 references to that spelling on Google, but the non-Fraggle references are all just user names or similar. There are no official sources about its use in Fraggle Rock, though, and personally I think it sounds like it’s spelt with a b. So there.

Note 2: I like “spelt” because it’s the British version (being Canadian I prefer the British spellings of things) and also “spelled” looks stupid.

Note 3: I think I’m eating too many clementines. I’m starting to get that same prickly feeling on my tongue that you get from eating a whole pineapple. I mention it because there should be a word for that too.

Note 4: I am the worst corriemuchloch ever.

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