I think if I’m going to stay up all night, I’m going to have to find something to do. As it is I haven’t even been able to stay awake during the day. I’ll probably end up sleeping in until 11:29 (it can’t be any later because I’m going for breakfast at Chez Cora at 11:30 (yay!)) and then I won’t be able to sleep on the train at all. That’s no fun.

I still haven’t done laundry, but I decided that there’s really no point, since my mom has a laundry machine, and a dryer that probably does a better job than the one here. I always have to leave my socks out on my bed and wait for them to dry, and that never really does anything other than make my bed damp.

I also haven’t gone to the gym in, oh, about a month. It’ll be closing in an hour or so though, so clearly there’s no point in that.

I need to buy shampoo. Yeah, that’s what I can do. Buy shampoo. I’ll have to trudge through two metres of snow on the sidewalks to get it, but at least it’s something to do.

Oh, and my sister may not be deaf, but she did go to a Simple Plan concert the other night. She said she got to touch Chuck. It was, apparently, the best day of her life.

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