Well, it looks like the Liberals have the best campaign website. The blackberry blog is refreshingly casual, although without any real meat, their TV commericals have good background music (very important in my book), and there’s a lot of other multimedia as well.

Meanwhile the Conservatives‘ site looks like an overgrown high school Broad Base Tech project. Especially the TV ads. I mean, Stephen Harper looks awkward enough to begin with, why do you have to try to make him act? On talk-tv spoof? It gives me the willies.

Now I hate to say this, but the NDP site sucks. I suppose it’s ok (it looks better than the Conservatives’ anyway) but the two biggest links are for finding your candidate and then campaign wallpaper. Is that really a priority for Canadians? I appreciate that they did choose my hometown Saint John as the subject of their New Brunswick desktop, even if they did choose a really weird angle for it. Sure, they got the old barber shop (or was it a general store?) and loyalist circle thing, but the camera is pointing directly away from the main skyline. That’s like taking a picture of the south shore (instead of from the south shore) and saying that’s what Montreal looks like. And then I love how the PEI one features the only road to get off the island. But I suppose everybody does that. Poor islanders.

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  1. CuriosityKilledTheCat says:

    Harper – The Man Who Could Not Count:

    Welcome to Mr. Harper, aspirant PM, the “20 Billion Dollar Man.” The thrust of his campaign was that he was a very careful policy wonk, not given to kissing babies or small talk, but a capable man, careful with details …

    Now, just one week before the election, he unveils a five year plan with a “missing” 20 billion dollar gap in it. His one economist who checked it for him, says “Oops! Left out a couple of things, but it balances if you don’t think about them”.

    Some endorsement. Some check.

    But so what? Harper tours Quebec offering them money for votes: lots of money. We will take it from the federal government and give it your provincial government, he says. Vote for us and we will shovel billions your way.

    And Quebec voters warm up to this modern day Santa Clause in a blue suit. Heck, why not elect him as PM; just look at the goodies we will get.

    Sorry, folks, but someone has to find the missing 20 billion dollars. Guess who that will be? Perhaps those lazy folk in the Maritimes (after all, Harper told the Americans back in 1997 that you folks living there had a false sense of entitlement and needed to move or do something)? Or those social programs which will have a priority second to the tax cuts designed to favour the very wealthy?

    It is clear now that Harper is a follower of Bush. Harper’s economics – given his 20 billion dollar gap is just plain voodoo economics, to quote Bush Snr, and his tax cuts for the wealthy is just slavish copying of Bush Jnr.

    Welcome to Bushland, Canada. A PM so smart he cannot add.

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