Well, in the Washington Times there’s a commentary talking about how great it would be if Stephen Harper becomes Prime Minister: Gift from Canada? by Patrick Basham. My favourite part was:

If Martin’s Liberal Party is re-elected for the fourth consecutive time, Canadian taxpayers will continue footing the bill for an expensive welfare state epitomized by its archaic government-run health-care system. Social policy experimentation on issues such as drugs and homosexual rights will continue in an incremental but decidedly progressive direction.

Damn the evil Liberals with their archaic health care and their homosexual rights. Oh please, Mr. Harper, “put a smile on President George W. Bush’s face”, and save us from socially progressive policies. Save us from all this gay sex in the streets and lack of firearms with which we could take care of it.

It puts in mind, in a kind of roundabout way, a joke from a few years ago (thought I can’t remember who said it… I’m guessing either Jon Stewart or Rick Mercer) – Why doesn’t the US take over Canada as the 51st state? Because they couldn’t handle 30 million more democrats.

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