I’d like to be able to say that all my assignments are in and my paper done and everything is all wrapped up nicely for the end of the semester, but they aren’t, so I can’t. Apparently my prof for E&M gave us an extension for our term paper, which of course I have to take advantage of. But that just reminded me that I still have a computer programming assignment also due on Monday. That brings us well into the exam season, so I can’t even take a day or two off like I normally would like to. Well who am I kidding. I’m doing that anyway. I actually did work this morning, when I thought my paper was due at 5:00, but since I got word of the extension I’ve done nothing productive. Unless you think, as I do, that listening to a Harry Potter audiobook is productive.

It’s weird still having assignments to do after classes have ended though… I think the greatest “oh-my-god-the-semester-is-already-over” moment this year actually came from my comp prof. With ten minutes left to go in Tuesday’s lecture, he made some passing comment like “and we’ll look at this in more detail next class” at which a few people yelled out “today’s the last lecture!”. He just kind of stopped. Looked at us. Blinked a little. “Today’s the last lecture?” he asked. We confirmed. He blinked a few more times. “I thought there was another week…”

The election is pretty fun so far. Stephen Harper wants to buy votes with the GST and will try to take away same-sex marriage. Meanwhile Giles Duceppe is making no secret his intention to tear apart the country… if fact he’s making campaign promises about it. Mostly right now I’m excited about two things in this race:

(1) As I’m from Saint John (ish) but studying in Montreal, I get to pick which riding to vote in. It’s not much of a choice, though, seeing as how Westmount-Ville-Marie is solid Liberal territory, whereas Saint John (home to the famously homophobic ex-MP Elsie “If they are going to live together, they can go live together and shut up about it” Wayne) can go either way.

(2) I want to find out who’s writing campaign confidential. I’m afraid it’s going to be a big disappointment (some intern or something), but it might also been the Queen… so we’ll see.

I’m glad at least that now, it officially being December, I can start playing The Muppet Christmas Carol and A Christmas Together with John Denver and The Muppets all day long. Time for a singalong!

? Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat
Please to put a penny in the old man’s hat
If you haven’t got a penny a haypenny will do
If you haven’t got a haypenny then God bless you

PS. I love Ms Piggy.

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  1. Audrey says:

    Ahhh Greg.. you make me laugh! Loved the part about your computer prof!

    See you tonight!

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