I’ve been very easily distracted lately, especially when trying to study, so today I thought I’d do something which still makes me a little nauseous – going to the library. Not just any library, either, the Shulich Science and Engineering Library. I thought maybe being in Rutherford‘s old lab might give me inspiration. Not really. The dead quiet still gives me the creeps.

I was only able to stay about an hour and a half though. Obviously I had gone slightly insane by then, but more importantly one pen died and a second exploded. I look like I just voted for president in the Iraqi national election for christs sake. I remember one of my teachers didn’t believe that pens could explode and would somehow twist it around to being your fault. She wasn’t a very nice teacher.

On my way to buy a new pen at the bookstore, somebody stopped me at the Roddick gates and asked for directions to Shulich. Do you think “The pointy one” is good directions? I just didn’t want to explain about having to enter through Adams… I hope it was good enough, because that’s pretty much all he got.

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