Well I just finished playing a game of Prime Minister Forever. Aside from having a ridiculously misleading title, the game is also ridiculously boring. I suppose it’s an interesting idea though. You take on the role of a party leader, can change their party platforms (but the papers will call you a flip-flopper if you do), make policy speeches, make ad campaigns (which also tend to backfire), travel to different parts of the country (which I did at random), spin different news stories, and other stuff.

The problem is that there’s far too many numbers and charts and not enough animations of Layton throwing a lemon meringue pie at Harper. And you can’t really do anything fun, like you could in Sim City. I thought maybe I would declare war on Turkey just for fun. And declare inuktitut our new official second language. But none of that is possible.

Also, it turns out that I really sucked. I played as Jack Layton in the NDP, and only managed to get 9 seats. If I ever play again, maybe I’ll play as Jim Harris and focus all my hundreds of dollars on a single riding. The seats in general were predicted as follows:

Liberal: 140
Conservative: 88
Bloc Quebecois: 70
NDP: 9

Yes, that’s definitely a Liberal minority. Big surprise. The one thing that the game simulated surprisingly well was that once the election was over, I certainly didn’t want to play again.

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