“You’re like the Tiger Woods of curling. Except you’re white and nobody knows who you are.” – Raj Binder (a.k.a. Shaun Majumder)

Curling season has started early this year with the Olympic trials this week in Halifax. I just watched the Kleibrink and Scott rinks battle it out for the title of Team Canada in women’s curling in Torino next February. I didn’t pay too much attention to the first ends as I was doing some other work at the time, but the last two were pretty exciting. The last couple of rocks gave me goosebumps… It was another of those games where the last rock really is the one that determines who wins and who loses. But then again it might just be because my apartment is so cold. I think I should buy that plastic insulation for my windows….

Anyway, Kleibrink won it today by getting three in the last end with the hammer. I’m excited for tomorrow’s match as well. Although it’s a bit weird that neither of the Jones rinks made it to the final in the womens’ matchup today, and nor did our beloved Ferbeys (mostly our beloved David Nedohin) make it to the mens’ final! All these crazy youngins today…

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