I don’t remember where I read it, but somebody one wrote that blogging everyday somehow makes you more aware of the world… except he phrased it in such a way that he didn’t sound like a complete geek. It’s true though. When you know you have to try to write something interesting every day, you start to make mental notes about things going on around you. Of course it’s not the blogging that does it, it’s the writing. Even if nobody reads this, I’m happy just to be writing every day.

What brought that on is that I had many things that I was going to write about today, but instead I came across this little ditty and I forgot about everything else. What made me appreciate this (in an ironic kind of way) was that my thermodynamics exam last Thursday had one of those pages marked ‘This page has been intentionally left blank’. Immediately following it was another page with a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon which was also very much appreciated. (“There’s too much atmosphere!”) I like what that website said so much that I made my own blank page. Aside from the obligatory ads at the top, it’s quite peaceful.

Oh, also I determined that there’s nowhere on campus where I can study. My studying requires tea and, lately, trail mix, so all the 20-odd libraries are out of bounds. Then the Info Cafe was full, the Shatner cafeteria was closed, Burnside is still gross, and as I had brought my own tea and trail mix I felt guilty going into any shop that was selling similar. I went to Trottier, but I didn’t enjoy it. Well, maybe a little. I almost couldn’t get out, until I found the unneccesarily discreet button to unlock the door. At least nobody was watching.

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