Here’s just a taste of all the fun that can be had now in the galleries section of the site. In a major procrastination effort, I just uploaded about 600 new photos. This is probably my favourite of the whole lot. Thanks, Becky!

Yesterday I went to see a speech by Jack Layton. I had to walk quite a way to get there, but I knew at least that I was headed in the right direction since the frequency of his campaign posters stuck onto the streetlights kept getting higher and higher as I neared. The thing I hadn’t taken into account was that I’m in Quebec, so most of the speech was in French. I laughed and nodded and clapped along with everybody else though. He was wearing an orange tie (it always disappoints me when the party leaders wear a colour of tie other than their official colour) and his entrance music was an upbeat celtic jig of some fashion. “He’s giving props to the east coast,” I thought, and wanted to vote for him more because of it.

Somebody held the door open for me today when I walked into the Leacock Building, so I said “thanks”. She said “you’re welcome” back, and that made me happy.

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