The Red Cross has a new symbol! Lately I don’t think I like political correctness (eg. the much loved but short lived “Holiday tree“) but this, I think, is good. Humanitarianism. Good. Although there’s probably a religion out there which makes big use of ‘crystals’…

I’ve been studying relentlessly for the E&M final tomorrow (a.k.a. watching Eating Out). That… um… “textbook” is ridiculously funny, awkward, and pornographic. I love it.

Speaking of awkward, I had a little back and forth email conversation with my PDE prof just now (by back and forth, I mean two emails each way, so very little). Um… guess I won’t go into why I thought it was awkward, because I’m pretty sure I’m the only person who would think so, but part of it is because I know she knows how badly I’m doing in this course, and I think she knows I know she knows and isn’t posting the solutions to an assignment I didn’t finish just to spite me. Well ok, that’s almost definitely not true, but still, it was awkward.

Back to the books, I guess. Or laundry. Maybe walking over to Burnside… yeah, that one’s good, because it’s like studying but really it’s just playing on computers while I wait for the printer to print. Good times.

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