I think I’m sucking up my entire printing quota on Quantum Mechanics. I just went through my prof’s entire web site and printed everything I could click my mouse on, so the entire queue is intersperced with gpacig1′s. Unfortunately someone else seemed to be doing the same thing so inbetween every gpacig1 there’s a little ariver2. Damn ariver2. I don’t know who you are, but you’re slowing me down! (I don’t care if I’m slowing you down too… clearly I’m more important).
I haven’t been into Burnside for at least a month and I’m remembering why. It’s dark. It’s dank. Only moles, or gophers, or mophles, seem to be down here. And there’s a banana peel on my mouse cord. I don’t want to touch it but it’s right there on the cord, wiggling around every time I move my mouse… I hate this dungeon. At least they let me print for free.

I wonder if my credits are going to hold out until the end… my first file has just started printing now… Oh crap! Really weird noises are being made from the printer… people are huddled around it… it doesn’t look good.

The other thing I realise is that I think it’s kind of embarrassing to be seen blogging. Yeah, I’m a self hating blogger. Maybe that’s because I hate most blogs. I don’t want other people to think I’m one of those people who I don’t like. I don’t even know them of course but it’s just weird.

Well I think the printer’s given up… I’m going to go take a gander and then probably go use izone0 instead. I love you, izone0. izone1 is a jerk.

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