Has anybody ever successfully logged out of Hotmail? Because ever since they started this thing not once have I seen a little green checkmark.

All my exams for the semester are finished (woot!). That means I only have one ridiculously easy paper to write (due tomorrow morning at 0900) and little reason left to procrastinate by writting in depth blog entries. (Question of the day: when does a person start to exist?)

Actually, I surprised myself this week by studying quite a lot for my PDE final. It went well enough that I probably didn’t fail, and really, that’s all that matters.

You know, I think paragraphs are designed just so people can easily skip ahead when they get bored with what they’re reading. That way you can start in on the next thought and not get too confused.

Did you know that there is no gravity at the centre of the Earth? After all, what is there to pull you down? (um… or inward, I guess.) You just get pulled equally in all directions. The more you know.

The election has been rather dull as of late. I learned not to trust polls, which in turn means I finally learned not to be annoyed by the annoying line every politician will feed you about not listening to poll numbers.

And finally, people are stalking me on facebook. Facebook is creepy.

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