Boober: It’s quiet. Maybe they’ve stopped trying to rescue us.
Red: Yeah, maybe….. You know, Boober… I feel kind of giddy.
Boober: Yeah. Giddy and tired. You know what that means, don’t you?
Red: We’re running out of air.
(Moment of quiet)
Red: What do you think it’s like to die?
Boober: I don’t know Red. I don’t think anbyody does… You know, I remember this one day I was doing my laundry, and then this big soap bubble floated right up from the tub. And there it was, in front of my face, beautiful and shiny. And then it was gone.
(Red starts to cry)
Boober: Red, don’t be sad.
Red: I can’t help it.
Boober: It was fun while it lasted. All the good times and the songs and laughs and stuff.
Red: You always said you never liked the good times and songs and fun.
Boober: Well, sometimes I liked them. But that’s a secret.
Red: Oh, Boober…
Boober: Don’t go to sleep, okay Red?
(… quiet again)

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