I discovered (by way of discovering that someone else had already discovered it) a site that scans a database of 2400 famous folks and tells you which celebrity you look like most. What am I supposed to make of this result?

Damn those luscious lips of mine! At least the match is only 49%. All things considered, I’m not really impressed with the site. It sure gave me a laugh, but the recognition seems to be as much based on which way your head is tilted and how much you’re smiling as anything else. A different photo actually came up Michael Phelps, but that’s not nearly as flattering as if it had been a body recognition program (he actually looks unfortunately like Prince Charles, I’d say). It really started to seem suspect to me when my mom was matched with Condoleezza Rice (although again, only 48%).

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  1. Audrey says:

    GREG! You do like like Katie Holmes! that is so freaky. I tried it with a picture of my mom and she supposedly looks like Einstein!!! SO FUNNY!

  2. david says:

    where’d you get the hot water heater thingy that keeps the water at the temperature you set it to? i’ve never seen them in montreal stores, but we have one back home in hk. gah i miss having exactly 80 degrees water whenever i want.

  3. GP says:

    There was a link to it! They have them in China town at rip-off prices, so I bought mine off the internet. I think it’s on sale now too.

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