So the good folks at CBC are already debating who the new leaders will be once everybody comes out loosers in this election round.

I like how each of the Liberals and Conservatives (the NDP and Bloc weren’t addressed as everybody seems to like those guys fine) have New Brunswick Premiers as some of their top contenders. I remember Frank McKenna was the Premier back when I was first learning what a Premier was in elementary school. Bernard Lord seems pretty cool too, but I don’t know much about provincial politics beyond what I picked up in Mrs McIntyre’s class.

Tip: If you get Prime Minister and Premier confused, note that Prime Minister is two words and therefore more important than a Premier.

I wouldn’t know who to vote for if it came to a showdown between McKenna and Lord. Except I would, because one of them would be Conservative. I don’t care how charismatic you are, Lord, you aren’t getting anything from me that way!

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