You might think the two are related, but not in this post…

1. Censorship

There were many many times today that I spoke to a parent of someone who wouldn’t give me the phone number of their son or daughter because they didn’t think they’d want to talk to me. Clearly, a whole lot of people don’t want to talk to me, but at least let them tell me that themselves! Your kid has grown up and moved out on their own, I think they can handle a phone call on their own. It just really bugged me.

2. Brokeback Mountain

Having found out that this was originally a short story, I got my hands on the book and gave it a read last night. It’s one of those rare stories that I actually wouldn’t mind giving it a thorough going over in English 121 or something. It often felt like more was going on than what was explicitly stated, and there were many times where you knew something happened but weren’t sure exactly what it was. At the very least I’m going to have to read it fourteen more times.

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