So I saw Brokeback Mountain the other day. It was definitely quite good. I think Shainaz said she shed a tear. It’s a very quiet movie (I was afraid to eat my popcorn) and sometimes quite subtle, but I think that helps get the emotion accross at just the right parts. It was definitely a different experience from reading the story, though. There was lots of agression in it that hadn’t come across in print. Oh, and don’t sit too close, because the sheep are a bit overwhelming.


Meghan has made me listen to The Maritimes by Classified, and I quite like it, but probably in a weird kind of way that I won’t understand in a month’s time. It’s got this weird chorus thing going on like drunking slurring that I can’t understand a word of, but nonetheless find myself mumbling along with. Love the distorted accordian/bagpipe sounding riff too.


I.e. books, but that doesn’t fit with the M theme. I’ve heard both recommendations and whatever the opposite of recommendation is… condemnations?… Anyway, I’ve heard both good and bad reviews about A Mathematician’s Apology by G. H. Hardy, so of course I needed to read it for myself. (It’s funny. If I hear only good reviews, I’ll want to see something, but maybe not make a strong effort. If I hear only bad reviews I’ll tend to avoid something. But if I hear both, I absolutely must experience it for myself.) It’s an interesting little read, but kind of in the same way that slavery is interesting. I mean, it’s not that it’s a bad book, it’s just that I heartily disagree with almost every single thing Hardy says. He comes across as tremendously arrogant and self-righteous. I could write quite a clip about every contentious point (of which there are many) but it would take me a while to get through all of it. Maybe another time.

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