I told my mom that I really liked the peach green tea that she gave me for Christmas, and today I got a package from her containing enough tea to last me a year at least. (The peach ones only came in the pack of assorted teas at Sobey’s, those bastards.)

So, if anybody ever wants a cup of tea, between this stack and my perpetually available hot water (unless I forgot to refill the gizmo, which happens a lot) I’ve always got some time for tea. Come on by for a bit. Of course I only have four mugs of widely varying sizes, one of which is a travel mug, so you can only come three at a time. Also, bring slippers, because my floor is very cold :)

What I really need to do is make my placer nicer… my walls are still very white. I need rugs and beanbag chairs and lava lamps and stuff. Oh wait, I do have a lava lamp! The best little lava lamp ever, in fact. Well okay, it’s a nightlight from Walmart. But it’s awesome. Unfortunately the plug I want to plug it into is upside down… do they make things to flip plugs right side up again? If they do I want one. And maybe a fish.

PS. The Keen’s Dry Mustard (on the top) is for a meatloaf recipie my mom gave me. Everybody can come over for tea and meatloaf now.

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