The problem with proportional representation is that you still need to preserve the advantage of having people vote for specific people for representing specific areas. I think you’d keep all the same ridings, and just award the right number of seats to the parties based on where they had the strongest support.

Unfortunately it might end up a bit like the yearbook editors awarding the Grad Class Superlatives. Anybody who’s done that knows how fun, but slightly undemocratic, it can be. Allie, Becky, Caroline, and Lisa definitely know what I’m talking about here. “Hmmm Julie won eight categories, but she can only get one. Let’s give her Most Musical, even though she didn’t actually win that, because she had more votes there than any of the other categories… then, let’s give the categories she actually did win to the people who came in second, unless they already won something else first, in which case we can probably just decide which one is better for them. Like, Bob obviously doesn’t have a better smile than Joe, so let’s give him Most Likely to Succeed.” Etc.

In the case of the election, you’d have to start at the bottom I think. Otherwise Christian Heritage would end up getting the riding that has the gay village in Montreal, probably. So they get the riding that they have the best showing in (by percent of vote, probably). Marijuana and Independent (that’s still an awkward one though) are the same way. Hopefully none of them have the best showing in the same riding… then Green, BQ, NDP, Conservative, and Liberal. I think that’ll make sure parties like the BQ will get the seats they would have won in first-past-the-post, but not all of them, since that would be too much. The NDP would get all the seats that they would have won as well, assuming the smaller parties haven’t taken any yet, then they’d have to get other ridings where they came in second place, etc.

Actually, they might even get their second place ridings first, like Julie in the yearbook. If the breakdown is in one riding is Liberal 51% and NDP 49%, then they should get that riding before they get the one with NDP 40%, Liberal 30%, Conservative 30%, since they have more support in the former even though they would have won the latter.

Well, the whole thing is bound to make lots of people very angry, but it has a certain appealing logic to it. It’s more entertaining with everybody throwing things at each other anyway.

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