It’s been lightly snowing here the last little while, so now that rush hour has past and the streets are quieter, the snow plows are out in full force. Back home, there would just be one big plow that runs down the street in one direction and then back up the other. No problem. But just now in the ghetto, I saw no fewer than six trucks all working on one street. There was one big one for the street, four little ones for the sidewalks (I love watching them weave in and out of the treets) and picking up after the big guy, and then one something like a dumptruck to carry the snow away. (Unlike suburbian Rothesay you can’t just shove it off to the side of the road — people have to park there!).

Ok, I admit, I don’t have much interesting to write about today, but I figured it’s been a few days. Although……

OH! Audrey just called and it’s time for Gilmore Girls!!! BYE!

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  1. David says:

    is gilmore girls really that interesting? i guess i should watch an episode some time and stop judging people for it.

    …not that i’ve been judging you…..that much………………

  2. GP says:

    To be fair I was mostly excited for running up to Audrey’s place to watch it, which is half the fun of Gilmore Girls.

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