Someone was confronting that racist guy in front of the Roddick Gates today. It made me happy inside.

Today’s sign of choice began:


I wonder, first of all, how one can be subliminaly harrassed. Can you be subliminally tortured? It seems like if you don’t feel harrassed (which is what subliminal amounts to), then it’s not really harrassment.

I also wonder if this guy is oppossed to nudity in all art. If I were an Art History major I might be clever enough to come up with religious Christian artwork that includes nudity. (Sistine Chapel?)

This also made me realise that I don’t even recall if The Three Bares are men or women or both. Or if they are fig-leafed or completely bare. The only thing I remember for sure is that they have nipples exposed. But I don’t recall if they were attached to boobs or not. I would have gone to check but the darn things are boarded up for winter. I suppose that means Christians are allowed to go through McGill as long as it’s between November and April.

Edit: The all-knowing internet informs me that the Three Bares are, in fact, male. No information on the availability of fig leaves.

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