Well, that’s that. Prime Minister Stephen Harper. *Shudder*.

I’m still looking over my shoulder at the big friendly colour bars on the bottom of the CBC broadcast. The big blue 125 of the Conservatives and the 29 of the NDP are just barely under the total of 155 needed for the majority. I’m actually hoping one of those seats where a Liberal is leading but not quite elected yet (I think there are still about twenty undecided) will flip over to the Conservatives. If not it’s almost exactly the same situation we had after the 2004 election.

Besides that, there are still two things bringing me down tonight.

Breaking news — Paul Martin: “If you want to know what true love is, go up to your wife and say, ‘Sheila…’ ”

Ok, probably nobody gets why that’s funny… Anyway, back to my two downers:
1) CTV’s election coverage has pre-empted The Daily Show.
2) I still have Classical Mechanics problems to solve.

Edit: Awww… Martin’s concession speech was so cute. He said he’ll be stepping down as leader… that’s so sad. Sad and cute. I kinda feel bad for him now.

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