Worst weather ever.

The termperature has been oscillating over a range of about 20 degrees the last couple of days, being +5 one day and -15 the next, then back up to +3, then down to -14, then up today back to +3. Something like that anyway. So clearly Mother Nature is in a playful mood this January.

All last night we had the favourite weather phenomenon of everybody in Quebec and the Maritimes: freezing rain. It’s pretty and kind of fun even, just as long as you’re content to sit in your house and look at the trees. If you have to go out you better get yourself some Icers (my regular footwear in my paperboy days). And to top it off, today it’s just plain raining, so that there’s a layer of water on top of a layer of ice. It’s a trap perfectly designed to see the maximum possible number of people loosing balance and falling into massive dirty puddles. Whoopee.

There are patches of sidewalk on Aylmer that have no traction. If you try to push off with your foot, you’re foot will just slide backwards, so then you just stand there helplessly (flat footed even) while gravity pulls you off to the sidewalk and into the road (into a massive dirty puddle, of course).

I almost couldn’t get back into my appartment after school today. There’s an uphill bit before the door which I just kept sliding down. Fortunatetly on one attempt I almost fell, but the door handle was just in reach so I was able to grab onto it and pull myself up the slope. I’m afraid to go out again.

Edit: I just heard that there rope systems and firemen helping people across the street in some parts of town (specifically at the bio building). Firemen, people, firemen!

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