Oh my god it’s here! Yes, I’m that big of a dork that I circled it on my calendar… and then took a picture and uploaded it to my blog. It’s just that exciting, folks! Like Christmas. Except Harper’s going to win, so more like the nightmare before.

Here’s the latest and final prediction from If this turns out to be true, then maybe this really is like The Nightmare Before Christmas, in that it ends happily after all. Jack’s got the power, baby! That’s something at least.

I noticed that democraticSPACE also has strategic voting guides for each of the parties. They say that there are only 35 ridings in Canada where it actually might work, but I was happy (in a bittersweet way) to see that Saint John is one of them. Insert semi-enthused woot for Paul Zed here. He’s leading in the polls now by 0.5%. A little tight, I think. That’ll be one riding I’ll be very interested in seeing tonight.

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