My computer sure has been putting me through the paces lately. It all started last night when I uninstalled Service Pack 2. Not a task for to be taken, lightly for sure. Luckily I had my Driver Recovery CD handy, so when my computer switched down to 640×480 resolution, and my colour depth dropped from several million to 16 (not 16 million, just 16, as in the 16 font colours you can use in MSN messenger), I was able to reinstall my monitor without much trouble. And then reinstall my ethernet card. And my wireless card. Just a few dozen encounters with the Blue Screen of Death. The moral of the story is that don’t uninstall Service Park 2 unless you really, really want to play Starship Titanic. Not that I was playing Starship Titanic today instead of doing my homework…

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  1. David says:

    you’ll love me for this distraction.

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