That was the biggest score in a single end in a single end I’ve ever seen. And to think, it could have been 7, if Brad Gushue hadn’t gotten a little over excited, I think, and overshot.

It was an exciting game, with lots of rocks in play on every end. After recovering from Finland’s deuce in the first end, it was easy to see that there tended to be a lot more Canadian yellow in the house and so was able to steal a point for two ends in a row. Who knows why Russ Howard looked so grumpy after every shot. Of course it really paid off in the 6th end with 6 points. Huge. Of course with Uusipaavalniemi curling at 53% after 5 ends it didn’t look good anyway.

My favourite part was that they closed school in Newfoundland so all the kids would be able to watch.

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  1. david says:

    holy shit yeah it was so exciting!

    wait, what are you talking about.


    i’m studying for intl bus right now…..right…now….NOW….right…now…


    whoa. i just realized.. with all the comments i leave you, i’m either a stalker, or a really possessive nonsexual lover. ew.

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