Well Reading Week (a.k.a. March Break, a.k.a. Spring Break) is almost officially over, and I’ve acomplished a large portion fo what I wanted to do, however none of that was school related. Sigh. Unfortunately my trips to Canadian Tire, Sports Experts, and Zellers, though productive, have had a bad effect on my bank account. My financial week started anew today, and by 12:57 I was already over budget.

? But just think of the physical health benefit! And I even got them $20 off regular price. Take that, Canadian Tire. I love you, but Sports Experts just totally kicked your ass.

One thing I did come to realise this week, while watching Robson Arms, was that I miss playing in ensembles and wind orchestras and bands and whatnot. Stupid Bao Tan and his wonderful Brass Quartet playing Clair de Lune, making me all sentimental.

I’ve also decided I want my own personal troubadour. If both Robson Arms and Stars Hollow can have one, then so can I. Any takers?

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  1. david says:

    i don’t budget yet i still somehow stay relatively on budget most of the time.

    i call it the be-frugal-almost-all-the-time plan :-)

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