It occurs to me that almost all Blogger blogs use this same template. I don’t want to be one of the masses. I think I need to redesign this business to be more unique. The problem with that is that I have to be creative… well really, I guess the only things that really shout out ‘COOKIE CUTTER LAYOUT’ are the font and the dotted lines everywhere. At least I’ve gone the extra bit to fit the cookie into my own layout. So it’s more like I used the Blogger recipe and used my own cookie cutter. That makes me a better person.

And you know, all these sites out there designed to bring more traffic to your website strike me as being quite sad. Something like Natalie Dee‘s comic about massage chairs, or that thing Shelagh said:

“I like facebook because I can collect friends like they’re possessions.”
- Shelagh Daley

To make it worse, I didn’t even hear her say that. I just saw it on somebody’s facebook profile.

That being said, I appear to have signed up for at least half a dozen of said sites. (YUL Blog doesn’t count because it’s a Montreal based thing. It’s the same reason birthday cakes have no calories.) Really though, one comment is better than fifty page hits… oh well. What else am I going to do? Study for my quantum mechanics midterm? Ha.

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