Drag queens, Spice Girls, Madonna, and more techno remixes of 90′s pop songs than I care to count. Where else but the village? I should get out more. Although I’m already over budget for this week…

I wonder where this disturbing scratch on my arm came from… It’s almost, but not entirely, completely unlike a bite mark. And I was even sober the whole time.

It also occurs to me that I’m horribly out of touch with the music scene. The last songs I added to iTunes were by Keller Williams, Sufjan Stevens, and Jean Leloup, which are all decent, but come exclusively from either Meghan or listening to CBC Radio One. The majority of my library is still comprised of movie sountracks and old Japanese pop.

Aside from trying to impress my friends with trendy playlists when they visit, I’m also slightly miffed that I don’t have any Mozart pieces. On this, the 250th anniversary of his birth, no less. For shame.

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