I love the Olympics. Maybe I’m just looking forward to the curling tournament, but they’re just so ripe with history and tradition. They’re such a grand and all-encompassing event that despite the commercialisation and judging controversies and whatever else might come up, it’s hard to trivialize it.

It did occur to me while watching the festivities today, though, that the opening ceremonies are really quite arbitrary. I mean honestly, technoballet and “the army of the future”? What the flippity dip was that?

I did enjoy how they made use of all the vertical space, which I imagine is pretty hard to do. They really gave it a three dimensional flare with acrobats floating through the air and all that. Just a few minutes ago a bunch of people combined to form a dove, which looked pretty cool suspended above the ground like that. Apparently they can’t use real doves anymore, since a good number of birds got a little toasted when they lit the torch in Seoul.

This one was a really cool torch lighting though. No fatalities. Although it bugs me that the person putting the flame near the torch and the torch actually lighting always seem to be two independent events. It’s a bit of a cheat, eh?

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