I’m getting a decent amount of traffic here lately so I want to pose a challenge for everybody. Can anybody identify this song? I know where this particular copy comes from, but I have a feeling it appeared in a movie soundtrack at some point.

Furthermore, the jury seems still be out on what this other song is called. It’s been in movie trailers for both Seven Years in Tibet and Disney’s Mulan, but in neither of the movies themselves. That one’s been my nemesis for eight years.

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3 Responses to “Mystery music again”

  1. Catsmeow05 says:

    Hey, Great contest. I believe it is “Oh, I Love You So” by Preston Smith from “Cocktail” Soundtrack.

  2. David says:

    i think i just heard that song again recently…while watching british QAF actually…

  3. GP says:

    Ok, David, you win. But that’s the one I already know. It was used somewhere else too….

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