Blueberry pancakes with raspberries is a perfectly respectable lunch, right? The copious amounts of maple syrup really make it a complete meal, I think. (It must be healthy, it comes from a tree!)

I have a mission for everybody. I need somebody to identify this song. It has appeared in at least three movie previews — Seven Years in Tibet, Disney’s Mulan, and something I forget — but wasn’t actually in any of them (as far as I know). I get the feeling it’s supposed to sound like Asia somehow. Hopefully it’s not some generic impressive sounding music for movie trailers, like the Charm Diamond song. Well, that was a TV commercial, but the effect is the same.

To be fair, the Charm Diamond song actually is a full song. My mom emailed the company to ask what it was after seeing it on TV, and they told her that it had been composed especially for them and was only 30 second long. But then, a year later, she played a four minute version it in her orchestra. Maybe there was a lot of demand and so the composer made a longer version… or maybe the folks at Charm don’t know what they’re talking about….

But the point is, I have to figure out what that asian movie preview song is.

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