I’m quite disappointed that CBC seems to have gone to a more American style in their Olympic coverage. This year CBC seems to be all about the highlight reels of Canadian athletes set to rock music.

I call it American because during the last olympics, you could go back and forth between CBC and America’s NBC and see a big difference. CBC tended to show more full events no matter who was playing, whereas NBC tended to just show clips of only the American athletes.

The difference is probably that I can’t watch the afternoon coverage since I’m in school during the day, whereas during the 2004 Olympics in Athens I was living life as a couch potato. By the time the evening coverage comes around everybody in Torino is done for the day and there’s nothing live going on anymore. Highlights are all that’s left.

Well, really, I’m mostly just disappointed that I can’t see any curling games. They just tease me with a few of the best shots, and of course the final results of each draw. If there are any full games airing, they’re early morning. Poop.

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