Hello cheese quesadilla! After about a year of intentions, I finally remembered to buy tortillas at the grocery store, and so I’ve had one for dinner two nights in a row with a grilled cheese sandwich in between. And I have a feeling cheese is one of those things that you shouldn’t have large quantities of before going to bed…

On a similar note, I have fifteen condiments in my fridge and none of them are salsa. How am I supposed to make a batch of salsa flavoured corn without salsa?

Do you remember when you were young and your mom would buy all your groceries, every once in a while she’d buy something new or a special treat and it would make you so happy? Now, I get that same feeling when I see things on sale. “Oh my God, $1.29 for Pringles!” I’d say. “Thanks so much, Mr. Provigo!”

Of course the bad thing about buying a can of Pringles is that then I eat a can of Pringles. Oh well. Can’t be any worse than the pound of cheese I’ve had today.

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  1. david says:


    smelling like cheese. seriously. has there ever been something sexier? haha. oh, right, the musk of meatballs.

    i set off the smoke detector about 4 or 5 times cooking meatballs.

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